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Friday, December 1st, 2017


Electron application boilerplate based on ReactReduxReact RouterWebpackReact Transform HMR for rapid application development


  • Note: requires a node version >= 6 and an npm version >= 3.

First, clone the repo via git

Install dependencies with yarn

yarn install

:bulb: In order to remove boilerplate sample code, simply run yarn run cleanup. After this is run, the initial sample boilerplate code will be removed in order for a clean project for starting custom dev

$ yarn run dev

CSS Modules

This boilerplate out of the box is configured to use css-modules.

All .css file extensions will use css-modules unless it has .global.css.

If you need global styles, stylesheets with .global.css will not go through the css-modules loader. e.g.

If you want to import global css libraries (like bootstrap), you can just write the following code in .global.css:

@import "~bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css";


To package apps for the local platform:

$ yarn run package

To package apps for all platforms:


$ yarn run package-all

To package apps with options:

$ yarn run package -- --[option]

Further commands

To run the application without packaging run

$ yarn run build
$ yarn start

To run End-to-End Test

$ yarn run build
$ yarn run test-e2e


See electron-builder CLI Usage

Module Structure

This boilerplate uses a two package.json structure.

  1. If the module is native to a platform or otherwise should be included with the published package (i.e. bcrypt, openbci), it should be listed under dependencies in ./app/package.json.
  2. If a module is imported by another module, include it in dependencies in ./package.json. See this ESLint rule.
  3. Otherwise, modules used for building, testing and debugging should be included in devDependencies in ./package.json.