Google Chrome version 58 Emulate User-Agent (UA) so hard to find!

This functionality keeps moving. If you Google it, depending on the version, it could be super hard to find. I finally re-found where to change the User-Agent, at least in my current version of Chrome, at the time of this posting, version 58.

NOT easy to find, nor Google, ironic eh, but super useful. I was needing to emulate IE7, which is what Oracle’s console “Browser Control” utilizes (so lame, keep up people). Anyway:

  • Obviously, open the developer tools (I prefer to right click->inspect element)
  • Bottom right corner (if docked at the bottom of the window), Top right corner (if docked to the right side, this is where I prefer it), is a three little dots menu
  • more tools->Network conditions (seriously?)->User Agent!!

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