lightSlider drag opens magnificPopup stopped

We’re using lightSlider for just that, a photo slider.

We’re using magnificPopup in conjunction with lightSlider to open an image Popup Gallery.

The trouble is, dragging lightSlider (which is nice), fires the magnificPopup ondragend (not desired).

Solution: Checked for a body class before firing the magnificPopup. If it’s still there, don’t even attach it. The class is added by the lightslider library change below, onmouseout, and removed again with a slight delay onmouseup.


<a onclick="
if( jQuery('body').hasClass('dragging') ){								console.log('dragging now');
}else{{									items: MyArrayOfImagesToFeedToMagnific,									type: 'image',									gallery: {								      enabled: true								    },														callbacks: {										beforeOpen: function() {
// unused					   										 },									open: function() {										
// unused								},
}, ` + i + `); // i (index of the MyArrayOfImagesToFeedToMagnific Array) is the item the visitor clicked on


$(window).on('mousemove', function (e) {
if (isDraging) {

// Added

endCoords = (settings.vertical === true) ? e.pageY : e.pageX;
$this.touchMove(endCoords, startCoords);
$(window).on('mouseup', function (e) {
if (isDraging) {

// Added
}, 500);

isDraging = false;

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