The Names of the Fugitive

Kimble s01:

s01e01: James Lincoln
s01e02: Jim Fowler
s01e03: none
The other side of the mountain, of many mountains, a road twisting and turning into the future without promise, without assurance for the man who must always go alone, richard kimble, fugitive.
s01e04: Jeff Cooper
s01e05: Jeff Cooper continued
s01e06: Ray Miller
s01e07: Joseph Walker
s01e08: Al Fleming (Sierra Point, NM)
s01e09: Larry Tholman (Tollman, Toleman?)
s01e10: Bill Carter
Drive carefully, do everything carefully, from the moment you wake till you go to sleep at night, if you have a place to sleep, one false move, one little quirk of fate
s01e11: George Porter
s01e12: Harry Carson
It doesn’t matter anymore who you are or where, every town, every city is just like the last, a way point on an endless road that goes nowhere, a place to stop running, to think, to hide, another job, another name, is that enough, it has to be, its all you’ve got
s01e13: Paul Boughmont, Bomont (time keeper)? (Utah)
s01e14: George Browning
s01e15: returns home, none, (Stafford, IN)
s01e16: Sanford (Connecticut)
s01e17: Ben Rogers
s01e18: Jerry Shelton
s01e19: George Blake (Chicago, then as himself)
In the deadly game of hide and seek, Richard Kimble has only one rule, be suspicious of everyone.
s01e20: Dick Lindsey
s01e21: Dan Crowley
s01e22: Nick Walker
s01e23: Nick Walker continued
s01e24: Al Dexter
s01e25: Bob Davies
These have been desperpate months for Richard Kimble, running in fear, someday somewhere someone will recognize him, who, that’s what he lives with
s01e26: Johnny Sherman
s01e27: ‘Doc’ Louis Pasteur
Another path, another road, roads that twist and wind and lead nowhere, richard kimble, fugitive.
s01e28: David Benton
s01e29: Larry Felps (Phelps? Florida)
s01e30: none
This is the instrument, and this its operator, the subject, newlyweds, and a day to remember, always, this is the fugitive, and as fate would have it, he is the target, and this is the sound, like that of a trigger, from a trap, this is the picture, which vanity, not fate, discards, but fate is not finished with Richard Kimble, it is only a matter of time, and place, this is the place, and with the common ordinary act of a man buying cigarettes, now is the time, and fate is swift and sure…
Another day, but for the hunted, instinct becomes habit, and the habit to obey is to avoid habit, today Richard Kimble’s route to work with be 5th, not 7th street

Kimble s02:

s02e01: * self
s02e02: * self
s02e03: Joe Walker
s02e04: Steve (Pete) Broderick (Grand Forks North Dakota)
s02e05: (Northby WI)
s02e06: Frank Jordan
s02e07: Kelly
s02e08: Jim Russell
s02e09: Frank Barlow
s02e10: Jeff Parker
s02e11: Pat Thomas
s02e12: Stu Manning
s02e13: Parker
s02e14: *self
s02e15: Pete Glenn
s02e16: Ben Horton
s02e17: Steve Younger
s02e18: Richard Clark
s02e19: Douglas Beckett
s02e20: Bill Hayes / Eddie Fry
s02e21: Paul Hunter
s02e22: Bill Martin
s02e23: *self
s02e24: Bill Dudley
s02e25: Harry Reynolds
s02e26: Leonard Hull
s02e27: Tom Burns
s02e28: Ed Morris
s02e29: Jim Wallace
s02e30: Nick Peters


Kimble s03:

s03e01: George Egan
“When a man is on the run, every stranger is a potential enemy, every friend a surprise. For Richard Kimble the only real friend is the darkness, and the road that has no end.”
s03e02: Jim Owen
s03e03: Joe Warren
“An anonymous room, another town, for Richard Kimble the day has ended, but there’s little time to rest. Tomorrow, his search continues.”

s03e04: self
s03e05: Fred Tate

“All secrets are safe with this man, because none is as deadly to him as his own. His secret is, that he is Richard Kimble”

s03e06: Tom Nash
s03e07: Joe Taft

“Would you do me a favor? Would you kiss me?”

s03e08: Ed Curtis

“Bryar country, Co. Where a man runs in desperation before the guns and dogs of a sheriff’s posse closing in for the kill. A move in the wrong direction, a broken stride, a waste of precious seconds looking back. These are things that can cost Richard Kimble, his life.”

s03e09: Steve Carver – Landscape with Running Figures Part 1
s03e10: Steve Carver

“Sometimes it’s as if Kimble is all around me”

“For a brief moment, time also stopped for Richard Kimble, and for a while it had been good to be able to stop and look back, and find that there was something there, but now it is over, for the Fugitive time has started again.”

s03e11: Chris Benson – Set Fire to a Straw Man

s03e12: John Evans
s03e13: Stu Watkins
s03e14: Bob Mossman
s03e15: Jim McGuire

“For Richard Kimble, there is no sanctuary from the night wind. There is no cave in which to hide. But occasionally, along the road, a fugitive will find a hand extended in trust, and the night wind will not seem so cold”

s03e16: Dr. Richard Spaulding
s03e17: self – One armed man found, confesses, escapes, Gerard disregards entirely

s03e18: Nick Phillips

“The days of a fugitive fun together as one. The fear and desperation unrelieved by the sounds of laughter”

s03e19: Richard Taylor
s03e20: Frank Whistler

“For many men, life is a ceaseless flight. Each moment of each day must be escaped by fleeing somehow somewhere without rest until one day all hope dies. Even the hope of further flight. Perhaps for such men, death comes as a final and all obliterating kindness. After a lifetime of nightmarish flight, an eternity of dreamless rest. But for Richard Kimble, there is no rest. Not free to live, he is also denied the freedom of death.

KB 7608163

s03e21: Paul Keller
s03e22: self
s03e23: Jack Fickett

A fleeting moment to laugh, to be warmed, to contemplate what could have been. An hour ago he was Jack Fickett, now he must find a new name, a new place. A man who must lose himself in order that someday he might again find himself. Richard Kimble, fugitive.

s03e24: Mike Johnson
s03e25: Frank Carter (used minute 223)

“The life of an artist is a restless lonely life without peace, like a man pursued finding release and rest only when he has created something of beauty, but then after that, he is forced into flight again, and he moves once more into the unknown, searching. For Richard Kimbal, a fugitive, there is also only pursuit and a lonely searching. Moments of beauty, even moments of rest are rare, because for him, as for the artist, to stand still is to die.”

s03e26: Dan Gordon

s03e27: Jack Davis / Bob Grant, machines computers persuing? wow

s03e28: Alan Mitchell

“For some, an end finally comes to the running. But for Richard Kimble, the end has come only to one more day, and the running must go on.”

s03e29: Paul Stoddard
s03e30: Tony Carter

Kimble s04:

s04e01: David Morrow
s04e02: Ed Sanders
s04e03: Paul Miller
s04e04: Carl Baker
s04e05: Dave Livingston
s04e06: Jim Corbin
s04e07: Jack Anderson
s04e08: Taylor
s04e09: Pete, Allen Edwards
s04e10: Dr. Robinson
s04e11: Eddie Carter
s04e12: self
s04e13: Ben Russell
s04e14: Russell Jordan
s04e15: Tom Anderson

s04e16: Jim Parker

s04e17: Bill March
s04e18: Steve Dexter
s04e19: Tom Marlowe
s04e20: Gene Tyler
s04e21: Jerry Sinclair
s04e22: Bill Garrison
s04e23: Thomas Barrett
s04e24: Tony Maxwell
s04e25: Thomas Barrett
s04e26: Charlie Farrell
s04e27: Stan Dyson
s04e28: Ben Lewis
s04e29: Frank Davis
s04e30: self