jQuery Regex Selector examples ^=Starts with, $=Ends with, is of Class [0-9] threw in an encodeURIComponent for kicks

Obviously, if your jQuery version is up to date, you should use .on
but I was fixing one of our sites that is stuck in 1.5,
so here are some examples using .delegate and .bind
The regex blocks are the same either way:

$.fn.popSubject = function() {
var menuA = $(“#askMenuA option:selected”).text();
var menuB = $(“#askMenuB option:selected”).text();
$(‘input[id$=”hiddensubject”]‘).val(menuA + ” – ” + menuB);

$(‘[id^=rn_FormSubmit_][id$=_Button]‘).bind(‘click’, ‘button’, function(event){
//Call Omniture when SA initial form submitted
s_exp_trackClick( this, ‘a’,”support.faq.sa.first.” + encodeURIComponent($(“#askMenuA option:selected”).text()) );

$(“body”).delegate(‘[id^=rnDialog1_Button][id$=[0-9]]‘, ‘click’, function(event){
//Call Omniture when SA dialog box submitted
s_exp_trackClick( this, ‘a’,’support.faq.sa.pop.’+ encodeURIComponent($(“#askMenuB option:selected”).text()) );

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