jQuery select anchor tags that contain specific text, then change id, onClick (Capitalized!!!!), href, :contains, .attr(), .each()

Easy actually, on load, select an anchor tag (or several, and do the following for .each()), that contains, among other contents, the word ‘Read’,

then set its id attribute, a Mouse event, and alter its href value:




$(this).attr(‘onClick‘, ‘return false;’); // Capitalize the C!!!!

$(this).attr(‘href‘, ‘http://www.alexyz.com’);



// alternatively, line them all up like this:

$(this).attr(‘id‘,’newid’).attr(‘onClick‘,’return false;’).attr(‘href‘,’http://www.alexyz.com’);


// UPDATE: Better method

$(“a[href*=‘search phrase’]”).each(function(){
var postId = $(this).attr(“href”).split(‘?’)[1].split(‘=’)[1].split(‘#’)[0]; // of course this will vary by need

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