Oracle RightNow Technologies display attachments in your view, use FileListDisplay & answers.fattach

if you are using:

then you’re probably displaying the answer content with these tags:
<rn:field name=”answers.summary” highlight=”true”/>
<rn:field name=”answers.solution” highlight=”true”/>

which means that if you use a workspace that allows content teams to upload attachments, the attachments still won’t be visible on your site, until you add this to the detail.php view:
<rn:widget path=”output/FileListDisplay” name=”answers.fattach”/>

Then style things here:

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2 Responses to “Oracle RightNow Technologies display attachments in your view, use FileListDisplay & answers.fattach”

  1. unionbanktrust Says:

    Hi Alex, I stumbled across this on a Google search and though you might have insight on this.
    I am using the
    but it only shows files attached when you click into an incident…

    but what i am trying to do is list every file attachment that a customer has ever submitted on the Account Overview page (standard.php).
    so if they submitted files through multiple incidents, they would all be accessible through one spot…


  2. admin Says:

    Hey Seth,
    That could be tough, as the attachments belong to the answers, not the user/account, so you’d have to make some kind of cross-indexing report connection between the two, extending the attachment to include a user id…

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